Prohibition comes to the restaurant

Announcing a new series of paintings conceived and created for a local craft beer restaurant, Barrel Junction.  

I highly recommend the new restaurant by the chef, Ron DeLuca.  Barrel Junction provides a casual environment, delivering savory American bar food with sophistication and flare that pairs perfectly with the list of craft beers on draft.  And obviously--it's a cool place because my new set of paintings are there!

It was a pleasure developing these paintings to complement the concept and the interior space of the restaurant.

Introducing work that plays off of the theme of the "Prohibition", I wanted to provide a light-hearted and ironic take on consumption with a throw-back spin.  The idea of prohibition agents, community protests, and moonshine inspires a new interpretation of "local" for me.  I've presented both sides of the argument on the walls of Barrel Junction, as literal barrels of beer are being poured out into the sewers.  So much fun.

Click on these photos to see them all!

Click on these photos to see them all!