I am an artist based out of Pittsburgh.  I believe that the right colors and design can revitalize any space.  I have been commissioned to do murals, paintings, design work, and portraits for over ten years now.  I enjoy working closely with private clients and design firms to realize their projects in a timely fashion and to the highest quality standards.  I enjoy working on creative teams, and the versatility of my work makes me a good choice for a variety of projects. Please contact me to inquire about my creative services!  


In Italia: Fresh out of college, I spent nearly four years in Italy as a teacher of art and art history. While there, I also painted many murals in schools and in hospitals around Milan!  Italy has always inspired me as my roots trace back to Tuscany and Calabria, and a blood test isn't necessary to realize that I'm a match for its fabric.  The dramatic landscapes and wealth of history have become rich sources of inspiration for my artwork.  Now busy working in Pittsburgh,  I try to bring a taste of Italia back to the 'burgh.