I have painted murals in hospitals in Pittsburgh and Milan. I have been fortunate to collaborate with amazing hospital staff and doctors that have given me the liberty to recreate the space with my color. I have worked in Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh in the oncology ward and at L'Ospedale dei Bambini Buzzi (Childrens Hopsital in Milan, Buzzi) in the neurology ward and in two waiting rooms. I have also completed a project in Centro Parkinson (Center for Parkinson) in Milan in the waiting room. Working in hospitals has been such a great experience, and it fills my artistic spirit with great joy to be able to enliven these environments. My reward comes also through my interactions with the patients and the staff whom I admire greatly. I hope to continue this mission.

Ospedale dei Bambini Vittore Buzzi, Milan

Children's Hospital, Oncology, Pittsburgh

In memory of a special person that helped me paint.